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Reflex Advanced Materials Corp Identifies 99.999% Graphite Purity at US-based project.

Reflex Advanced Materials made a stunning announcement that is rippling through the graphite mining sector.

The achievement of 99.999% graphite purity at US property could be huge news in the fight against China’s hold on critical metals and minerals.

In fact, graphite of this grade and purity could place Reflex as the frontrunner in the race for an American graphite supplier.

Keep reading my special report below to learn why this could be an amazing opportunity for savvy investors.
Figure 1: An electron SEM micrograph of Reflex Advanced Material Corp.’s 99.999% Cg purified graphite flake concentrate at a P32 mesh.

Mined in America for America

The ‘Miracle Mineral’ That Is Essential to This $7 Trillion Industry

Figure 2: An electron SEM micrograph of Reflex Advanced Material Corp.’s 99.999% Cg purified graphite flake concentrate at a P635 mesh.
We’re constantly reminded that America is falling behind as a world superpower…

While headlines like these are pretty shocking, Americans have always loved a good comeback story, and there’s no better time than now.
The good news is, The U.S. ranks first in arguably two essential categories:

Military power[4] and, most importantly for investors like you and me, innovation.[5]

This means the United States is at the forefront of our rapidly evolving tech-focused world and in order to stay a superpower, it makes the most sense to keep funding that innovation as a country and as an investor.

One of the biggest innovations in the last decade is easy to spot on the highway or maybe even in your garage. I’m talking about electric vehicles (EVs). After all, an American company revolutionized the EV and is far and away the leader among the most prominent electric car companies by market capitalization.[6]

BloombergNEF estimates that electric vehicles will become a $7 trillion global market opportunity by 2030…[7] and an astounding $46 trillion market by 2050.[8]

Natural Graphite Demand

In order to keep fueling this massive industry, the metals and minerals that make up the majority of the tech will be in high demand but there’s one problem

The “miracle mineral”[9] that’s used significantly more than any other mineral in EV batteries is severely undermined.[10] (644.9% more than lithium!) In fact, the US doesn’t have ANY producing domestic mines or this mineral. I’m talking about graphite.

Graphite is a key ingredient in a multi-trillion dollar industry yet the US is 100% dependent on foreign natural sources.

That’s not just stupid. It’s dangerous and it gets worse. Guess who supplies the majority of the world’s natural graphite supply? China.

China controls about 30 of the 45 graphite mines in operation around the world – and supplies 64% of the world’s natural graphite.[11]. So, the future of this key ingredient to the EV trillion-dollar industry rests solely in the hands of China.

Does that sound like smart policy to you?

That’s why I’m excited about REFLEX Advanced Materials Corp. (RFLXF) – and its “Made in America for America” graphite project.

A domestic natural graphite supply is what could power the future and continue keeping the US on top. Even the White House is investing in an American supply chain.

The US Government announced a $700 Million Dollar investment into the American EV industry[12] and also labeled graphite as one of the critical mineral commodities in the US[13] proving that demand is not only high, but essential.

So where is this money best spent?

Step 1: Find a domestic mine with historical production

Mining can be highly speculative. Finding a company with a mine that has previous production or a proven resource is a good way to mitigate risk.

That’s why I like Reflex Advanced Materials Corp (RFLXF)’s Ruby Graphite Project.

Graphite was produced there from about 1902 to 1948.[14] and that’s where REFLEX (RFLXF) aims to reactivate domestic mining operations. This gives REFLEX (RFLXF) a decided advantage. Because this mine was a past producer, there is a very strong indication that there are un-mined minerals still in the ground waiting to be extracted.  

That means that instead of wondering IF there is graphite within the project, initial capital raised for the company gets to go to finding out where the easiest to access mineralization is and what the best plan for mine re-activation is. Not just poking random holes in the ground hoping to discover if the Ruby Project does have graphite or not.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence graphic showing how many mines are needed to fulfill the battery metals demand by 2035

The higher the quality, the better the investment

What Savvy Investors Look for In Mining Companies

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence graphic showing how many mines are needed to fulfill the battery metals demand by 2035
When assessing a speculative exploration company, I always look for the highest quality, best-grade minerals and metals. Higher grade and quality typically means the resources the company can prove and mine are then cheaper to produce and can sell for a higher price. That means the return on investment. That’s why I’m so excited about Reflex’s most recent development. Paul Gorman, CEO of RFLXF, issued a statement releasing the results of their graphite purification testing. Their Ruby Graphite Property revealed a 99.999% Cg purity![15]
"Today marks another major milestone for Reflex. The achievement of 99.999% Cg from purification testing – without any optimization – only reaffirms our belief in the exceptional quality of the graphite material hosted on our Ruby property. These high-purity levels are required for graphite used in many high-value applications, namely Lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicles and grid storage/stationary batteries [cont]."
Paul Gorman
CEO of Reflex Advanced M-aterials Corp (RFLXF) [16]
To investors, this means production costs go down and profitably for the company goes up. It also means Reflex could show a lot of potential to answer the US Government’s call for domestic EV supply chains.

That’s a great sign for junior exploration company REFLEX Advanced Materials Corp. (RFLXF)

Step 2: Confirm Demand

Supply & Demand

Supply is only good if you have opposing demands. Look at what happened to the craze of lithium over the past few years. Millions of dollars are being invested into lithium miners.

$650M invested into Lithium Americas by GM.[17]
$700M loan from the US Government to Ioneer LTD.[18]

Elon Musk becoming the richest man in the world and Tesla’s growth is proof positive that demand for EV’s is here to stay.[19]
But what’s even crazier is that lithium is only a tiny fraction of the minerals and metals used in lithium-ion batteries. In fact, Graphite is used a whopping 644.9% more than lithium in EV’s. [20] Even Elon Musk, who has arguably benefited the most from the lithium craze said:

“Our lithium ion batteries should be called nickel-graphite[21]

The demand for graphite could skyrocket based on confirmations from both the private and public sector. It’s simple. Graphite is the new lithium. But more importantly, American graphite is what could be the future.

That’s why you should do your research on REFLEX Advanced Materials Corp. (RFLXF) – and its “Made in America for America” graphite project.

9 Reasons Why REFLEX (OTC: RFLXF) Could Be the Best
“Made in America” Resource Play for 2023

Graphite makes up 95% of the anode in the lithium-ion batteries that power EVs.[23]
Around 4.5 million metric tons of graphite will be needed by 2050, according to World Bank data released in 2020. This is a nearly 500% increase over 2018 levels.[24]
That makes the U.S. is 100% import reliant – at the mercy of geopolitical foes such as China, the country with a stranglehold on the market.
Projections show that 97 more graphite mines will be needed by 2035 just to keep up with demand.[26]
The Ruby Graphite Project is the only combined source of high-purity flake and vein graphite in the U.S.[27] Vein graphite is highly desirable for high tech applications such as EV batteries and energy storage – and is more environmentally friendly.[28]
Natural graphite has lower production costs and leaves a smaller environmental footprint than synthetic graphite.[29] The Ruby Graphite Project can take advantage of existing infrastructure, needs less overburden removal, and separation of the graphite from the ore and waste rock is non-acid-generating for environmentally-friendly disposal.[30]
In addition to batteries, graphite is used in semiconductor chips, solar and nuclear reactor technology[31], and the military and aerospace industries.[32] Graphite is also the source of graphene oxide, a ‘super material’ used in electronics, and advanced composites, and many other technologies.[33]
REFLEX ( RFLXF) also controls theZigZag Lithium Property, with 8 mining claims totaling 6,696 acres located in the Thunder Bay mining area of Ontario, Canada. Lithium is typically concentrated in spodumene, which has been readily observable in outcrops and in drill cores on this property.[34]

Company CEO and Director Paul Gorman has been instrumental in revitalizing the junior graphite space in North America. He understands the product and the market, and has assisted multiple graphite companies in an advisory role.[35]

Of course, even with all these positive factors, mineral exploration remains a speculative and risky venture, and there is no assurance of success.
Of course, despite all these positive factors, mineral exploration remains a speculative and risky venture, and there is no assurance of success.

Young companies with great stories can still carry significant risks, ranging from being underfunded to having a small number of shares available to the public.

Here are my rules for accepting microcap investing risk:

All that said, I think you and your financial advisor will agree on one thing. REFLEX (RFLXF) could be a headline-making domestic “mine to market solution” stock that deserves your attention. 

I wish you success in your investments,



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