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Riverside Resources Inc.: A Unique and Exciting Opportunity

Expand Your Portfolio with Riverside Resources

Riverside Resources Inc. stands out as a leading natural resource exploration company, showcasing its strategic focus on gold, silver, and copper over the past 17 years. With its targeted footprint spanned across Mexico and Canada’s mining landscape, thanks to its proprietary project database, enriched with over 75,000 locations and representing over $20 million in past investments, Riverside has access to some of the most promising and underexplored exploration projects across both countries. Riverside Resources represents one of the top, go to exploration companies for investment purposes, where potential high returns can go hand-in-hand with environmental care and community engagement.

Why Riverside and Why Now?

In the dynamic world of mineral exploration, Riverside Resources Inc. has established itself as a paradigm of ongoing innovation and resilience. Since their IPO of 2007, Riverside has been at the forefront of mineral exploration. With a strategic focus on gold, silver, and copper, Riverside has carved a niche in the mining sector as a prospect generator, a model that differentiates it from its peers. At the core of Riverside’s business model lies this unique approach. For instance, as a potential investor, one should always be searching for a pioneering approach to mineral exploration that minimizes risk and dilution, while maximizing potential. To that effect, we welcome you to Riverside’s Prospect Generator business model. It’s the cornerstone of their operational strategy, setting us apart in the competitive world of mining exploration.

The Power of Partnership

At the heart of Riverside’s strategy is the concept of partnership. By leveraging its intellectual assets and extensive and proprietary, portfolio of exploration projects, Riverside has attracted on a regular footing, ongoing partnership funding. This strategic move allows the company to explore new opportunities without overextending its financial resources. It’s a win-win situation: partners benefit from Riverside’s expertise and project pipeline, while Riverside maintains control over its ongoing corporate and capital structure, while minimizing dilution.

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Potential​

One of the key advantages of the Prospect Generator model is its ability to minimize shareholder dilution and financial risk. Instead of shouldering the entire burden of exploration expenses, Riverside shares the costs with their partners. This approach not only protects shareholder value but also ensures that exploration efforts remain sustainable in the long term

Continuous Innovation and Exploration

Riverside’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop with its business model. The company continuously explores new potential opportunities across its extensive portfolio, which spans mining-friendly jurisdictions. By staying at the front of technological advancements and exploration methodologies, The Company remains well-positioned for success in the constantly evolving mining industry.

A Sustainable Approach to Exploration

In a sector often plagued by boom-and-bust cycles, Riverside’s Prospect Generator model offers sustainable hope. By building a strong pipeline of projects and fostering strategic partnerships, they ensure a steady flow of exploration dollars and activity from their industry leading partners. This unique approach benefits and “protects shareholders” from any over dilution scenarios to Riverside’s share structure, and contributes to an ongoing progress of Riversides property development pipeline. Rather than merely keeping up with the changing times, the Company’s prospect generator model gives it the ability to stay ahead of global market trends, placing the Company and its investors in a unique position to reap the subsequent benefits. By aligning their exploration and development projects alongside these trends, Riverside Resources can ensure that shareholder investments are safe from market cycles and targeted towards a growing demand for environmentally accountable mineral assets in safe mining jurisdiction.
By generating and advancing a portfolio of projects through partner-funded joint ventures and strategic partnerships, the company mitigates its financial exposure while maintaining a potential for high rewards. This method ensures a continuous flow of opportunities, minimizes capital expenditure, and leverages the expertise and resources of partner entities.
In the uber competitive realm of junior mining, Riverside stands apart from its competitors, with the following highly sought after corporate assets:
With all the above assets, under Riverside Resources’ management, the Company provides investors with a unique upside exposure with limited downside risk. Riverside is a cash-rich and debt-free junior mining company focused on value creation through its royalty assets and extensive project portfolio. Riverside’s financial acumen is evident in its strong balance sheet. The company boasts a debt-free status and a robust cash position, ensuring it is well-equipped to navigate market fluctuations. This financial stability is a testament to Riverside’s prudent management and strategic foresight, offering investors a secure harbor in the often-turbulent seas of the Junior mining industry.

Management Team

Under the leadership of Dr. John-Mark Staude, President, CEO, and Director, Riverside Resources Inc. is a company with a clear focus on growth and excellence. The combined strengths of the board and executive team reinforce the company’s strategic initiatives. This team’s depth of knowledge across technical, business, and financial disciplines enhances Riverside’s ability to innovate and lead within the mining industry.


Mr. Staude earned a Master of Science from Harvard University in 1989 and a Ph.D. in economic geology from the University of Arizona in 1995.


Mr. Smith has 19 years of professional experience in the resource industry working with Oro Gold, BCGold Corp and Goldplay Explorations.


Mr. Manco completed MS at MDRI UBC Vancouver and has worked with majors and junior companies on a range of deposit types being involved with discoveries in Colombia and Mexico.


Mr. Scott has over 17 years of professional experience in the areas of corporate finance, accounting, and merchant and commercial banking. He is a C.A., a CFA Charterholder and earned a B.Sc. from the University of British Columbia.

Strategic Exploration in Under-Served Territories

Riverside Resources Inc. is far from being just another player among the junior mining companies to invest in. The Company is a strategic explorer and has been venturing for the past decades into under-explored territories that hold the potential promise of high-grade gold deposits. The Company’s exploration strategy is always data-driven first, while deploying state-of-the-art technologies and industrial know-how. By deploying expertise and resources towards underexplored projects, with significant historical data of substantial value, Riverside is positioned to make truly significant discoveries. This approach is intended to offer a unique leveraged exposure and produce significant upside for their shareholders.

Sustainable and Ethical Exploration and Mining Practices

At the center of everything Riverside does is a commitment to sustainability. The Company believes that the future of mining rests in its ability to integrate operations with proper and sound environmental responsibility and the communities in which they operate. Riverside’s sustainable exploration practices aim to minimize environmental damage and protect the continued interests of local communities. This endeavor reflects the Company’s ethical and ESG driven approach towards Company activities. For investors, this means Riverside is properly managing environmental and social risk and providing high quality and highly sought after exploration properties to its potential partners, in meeting the ever growing global demand for responsibly sourced minerals. So, when you invest in this sector with Riverside, you are supporting a company that’s helping shape the future of sustainable mining.

Pioneering Novel Mining Exploration Methodologies Thanks to R&D

Rooted in its history of success is Riverside’s commitment to research and development (R&D). They have a history of investing in cutting-edge research projects designed to advance their exploration methodologies, enhance ore extraction processes, and discover the most efficient and environmentally friendly exploration and mining technologies. Riverside’s approach to exploration is fueled by their drive to be a leader in the industry, not just in exploration success. They also aim to help in creating a much more sustainable and responsible mining future. The Company’s commitment to R&D tells their shareholders that they are not only mindful, but also ever focused on future success and sustainability.

Harnessing the Gold Bull Market: A Unique and Timely Opportunity for Investors in Riverside Resources

The current landscape of the gold market presents a unique opportunity for investors, and Riverside is perfectly positioned to harness this potential. The current bull market in gold prices underscores the value of investing in a company like Riverside, which is primed to benefit from the rising gold price. The company’s strategic approach to exploration, underpinned by its strong financial foundation, sets the stage for potentially lucrative returns for investors.

Riverside Follows a Three-pronged Corporate Strategy


Riverside Resources Inc.’s royalty portfolio has shown considerable growth in the past year, enhancing the company’s value. This portfolio, developed through the Prospect Generator model, involves identifying and acquiring quality prospects, often leading to the retention of royalties on these projects. Notably, Riverside successfully sold the Tajitos Gold Project to Minera Fresnillo, retaining a 2% NSR Royalty, adding significant value to their royalty collection. Additionally, the company has been involved in strategic partnerships and alliances, including with BHP for copper exploration, further diversifying and strengthening its royalty portfolio. This approach reflects Riverside’s commitment to value generation and discovery within its gold, silver, and copper assets.


Riverside Resources Inc.’s Ontario High Grade Gold Portfolio, encompassing the Pichette Gold Project and the Oakes Gold Project, is strategically positioned in the prolific Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Gold Belt. The Pichette Gold Project, known for historical high-grade gold intercepts, and the Oakes Gold Project, with its promising drill results confirming gold continuity, highlight Riverside’s potential in this region. The proximity of these projects to Equinox Gold’s Greenstone Project, one of Canada’s largest gold mines under development, adds significant value. Greenstone’s projected annual production of around 400,000 ounces of gold for the first five years emphasizes the richness of this region in gold resources. Riverside’s projects, located adjacent to such a significant mining operation, could benefit from logistical advantages, shared infrastructure, and heightened investor interest, underscoring the attractiveness of Riverside’s assets in Ontario. This proximity to a major mining operation like Greenstone enhances the potential of Riverside’s projects, offering a compelling opportunity for investors seeking exposure to high-grade gold assets in a renowned mining district.


Riverside’s generative quality portfolio efforts are a cornerstone of their business strategy. Riverside has a history of creating significant value through the development and spin-out of high-potential projects over the past 17 years. This is exemplified by the establishment of companies like Capitan Silver, which was spun out to focus on the Peñoles Project in Durango, Mexico. Riverside’s approach involves advancing multiple projects through partner-funded joint ventures and strategic partnerships, showcasing a diversified portfolio in gold, silver, and copper across mining-friendly jurisdictions. For instance, Capitan Silver’s Peñoles Project in Durango, Mexico, which Capitan fully owns, encompasses an initial 43-101 compliant inferred resource, including significant gold and silver deposits. This project was spun out of Riverside Resources and financed with no warrants in the summer of 2020. This multifaceted strategy showcases Riverside’s commitment to maximizing the potential of its diverse portfolio for its stakeholders and presents a compelling opportunity for investors in exploration companies with high-grade precious metals assets.

A Wise Investment Choice

In conclusion, Riverside Resources Inc. represents a unique and attractive investment opportunity for discerning investors looking to position themselves for the next potential upcoming bull market in the precious metals junior mining sector. It offers a blend of financial stability, strategic growth potential, through further eventual incoming spinouts, and a management team that exudes confidence and competence. In the flourishing gold market, Riverside stands not just as an investment option, but as a partner in a journey towards financial growth and success.

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Riverside Acquires the Deer Park and Sunrise Gold Projects near Castlegar British Columbia.
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